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connex express – Driver’s eye view


Video 125. Produced in 1998


The main feature on this DVD is a driver’s eye view of the route from Brighton to London Victoria aboard a connex south central Class 319 and is via the Quarry line. The DVD also includes the entire route in 5 minutes and clips of their other production – including ‘the Oxted Thumper’. A nice feature of the video is the ability to select stations or points of interest and navigate directly to them.

This video differs from many of the other ‘driver’s eye view’ videos by having a commentary, in this case by Fred Dineage MBE, who is a regular presenter on Meridian TV as well as hosting programmes such as How. The commentary is excellent as it contains information about the various features of the line (e.g. stations, junctions, signals, tunnels, gradients, etc). You are still able to hear the noise of the train though. The picture quality is sharp and clear – probably because it was taken on a fine day and there are no reflections etc., that interfere.

The video starts with a brief look at the refurbishment of the Class 319 from Network SouthEast before the journey from Brighton to London Victoria with one stop at East Croydon. There are additional shots of the train from the side and of some of the features e.g. Clayton tunnel north portal, the Ouse Valley Viaduct. There are a plethora of other trains on the lines including Classes 205, 411, 455 and the Gatwick Express and mainly in connex south central and Network SouthEast liveries.

I think this is terrific video that is full of information. Highly recommended and not just for Brighton Line aficionados.

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