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Eurostar is a high-speed railway service connecting London with Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam via the Channel Tunnel. The London terminus is St Pancras International, from which Eurostar have operated since 2007. Eurostar is owned by Eurostar International Ltd (EIL).

Eurostar's main routes are:

  1. London St Pancras Int'l to Paris Gare du Nord
  2. London St Pancras Int'l to Brussels South (known locally as Bruxelles Gare du Midi or Brussel Zuid) via Gare de Lille-Europe
  3. London St Pancras Int'l to Marne-la-Vallée Chessy for Disneyland Paris
  4. London St Pancras Int'l to Amsterdam Centraal via Brussels South and Rotterdam Centraal
  5. London St Pancras Int'l to Lyon Part-Dieu, Avignon and Marseille St Charles

Many trains call at Ebbsfleet International in north Kent and a few serve Ashford International which is near to the Channel Tunnel. Both of these stations offer park and ride facilities. On the French side a few London - Paris trains call at Gare de Calais-Fréthun.

In the winter seasonal ski trains run from London to Bourg-St-Maurice, Aime-la-Plagne and Moûtiers.

From its launch in 1994 until November 2007 Eurostar trains served Waterloo International in London. The transfer of services from there to St Pancras resulted in shorter journey times as the trains are able to travel at top speed almost from end to end. The trains set off onto High Speed One on departure and can attain 300km/h as they do on the French line, LGV Nord. The main exception is in the Channel Tunnel itself, transit of which is at 160 km/h. The route to Waterloo involved an extended run on slower lines in South London. Another consequence of the move was the opening of a new depot at Temple Mills near Stratford which replaced North Pole International Depot in Acton.

The present fleet comprises two types of trains:

  1. 394m long TGV-derived trains, variously called British Rail Class 373 and TMST (Trans-Manche Super Train). These were the original trains used by Eurostar and were built to the restrictive British loading gauge. On delivery they were capable of operating on 750V DC 3rd rail power but this capability was removed when the service moved to St Pancras International. 8 of these trains have been refurbished and re-designated E300. These trains are needed for the services to the South of France as the newer E320s have not yet been cleared to run there. These units were the only ones capable of serving Ashford Int'l until early 2018 when the E320s were cleared to operate there.

  1. The newer British Rail Class 374, called E320 by Eurostar, are Siemens built units which entered service in 2015. These trains are built to Berne loading gauge and are capable of running at 320 km/hr (hence their nickname). These trains have taken over most of Eurostar's services to Paris and Brussels and are the exclusive providers of the Amsterdam services.

N Gauge Models available (2019)

Kato Eurostar (Class 373) in 1:160 scale, available in both the original white livery and the 2013 blue and grey livery (E300)


Eurostar website

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