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The NGF has a team of Moderators who are passionate about N gauge.

Their main duties are to:-

  • Check that members are adhering to our Code of Conduct by reviewing the posts.
  • Deal quickly and effectively with any 'flare-ups' between members and apply sanctions where necessary.
  • Manage the NGF Classifieds section by approving items for sale and dealing with items that do not meet the NGF criteria.
  • Ensure that posts are in the right place within the forum and carry out general forum 'tidying up' activities.
  • Contribute ideas for improving the forum.

The moderators are not necessarily subject matter experts - although some of them are skilled in modelling railways. They have been selected because they are able to ensure that there is 'fair play' on the forum without them being overbearing or excessively nit-picky.

--Pengi (talk) 06:51, 14 May 2013 (PDT)