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South West Trains (SWT) is currently the largest passenger train operating company (Category:TOC) in the UK and runs trains to the South West of London, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Berkshire, Wiltshire and on the Isle of Wight. The London terminus of South West Trains is Waterloo.

Most South West Trains services run on electrified lines using the 750 V DC third-rail system with a diesel fleet for services to Salisbury, Exeter and Bristol and for Salisbury to Romsey via Southampton services.

South West Trains is owned by the Stagecoach Group and was voted 'Passenger train operator of the year' in 2012

N Gauge Models

There are no ready to run South West Trains trains currently in production although models of the Graham Farish Class 170 Turbostar and Class 159 South Western Turbo may be obtained second hand.

Electra Railway Graphics currently produce vinyls to convert a Graham Farish Class 350 Desiro into a South West Trains Class 450

Images of South West Trains taken by NGF Members

Class Comments Taken by Image
158 - Express Sprinter At Salisbury Station David S
Class 158
159 - South Western Turbo At Clapham Junction Pengi
Class 159
444 - Desiro Outside Petersfield Pengi
Class 444
450 - Desiro 450 and 450HC Desiros at Clapham Junction Pengi
Class 450 and 450HC
455 At Clapham Junction Pengi
Class 455
458 - Juniper At Winnersh Triangle Pengi


South West Trains Website

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